A Magic Carpet Ride

Like it very much . Our names are very similar so sending tricky

The Travelling Anorak

We didn’t die! The plane journey was made successfully and, after watching countless films, sleeping uncomfortably and catching up with Sophie (Rona’s uni housemate) in a Chinese McDonalds, we landed in New Zealand ready to realign our sleeping patterns. Turns out that trying to convince your brain that midnight is midday is somewhat difficult. Who knew.

Regardless, we acclimatised successfully and our general plan of action was to stay in Christchurch for a few days before picking up our campervan, in which we would head south to Queenstown for the start of our ‘Great Walk’ along the routeburn track.

The days in Christchurch were interesting to say the least; not interesting in the sense that there was a lot to do, but actually almost exactly the opposite. The city was devastated by a couple of very strong earthquakes that happened back in 2010/2011 and the effects are still very visible…

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